Production of bags

Production of bags

We make bags from different kind of materials, classic PE (HD-PE, LD-PE) bags and bags made out of bubble foil, foam foil or nonwoven fabric.

All bags produced can be provided with antistatic treatment including variation of colour shades. All bags can be made with a seal flap using either permanent adhesive or a peel-off adhesive.

Production of bags

PE foam foil bags

We make polyethylene foam bags starting with the thickness 0,8 – 3mm with possibility of LD-PE lamination

Bubble foil bags

We make bubble foil bags with the size of the bubble 5mm and the thickness of the foil according to the customer’s requirements.

HD-PE and LD-PE foil bags

We make PE bags starting with microtene of thickness 0,012mm – 0,1mm.

Nonwoven fabric bags

We make nonwoven fabric bags according to the customer’s requirements. Most frequently with the material of density 30g/m2.

Bags with a seal flap

Bags with an adhesive seal flap can be made of PE foil, bubble foil and polyethylene foil.

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